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How many kilometers from Da Nang to Ba Na?


Hello Vina Travel, my name is Nguyen Hung Vi, currently living in Hanoi, I intend to travel in Da Nang, and want to go to Ba Na to see the project “Climbing train in Ba Na”. But I don’t know how to travel from Da Nang to Ba Na. So can Vina Travel guide and answer for me?

Thank you Vi for sending your question to Vina Travel. We would like to address some of the following issues, hoping to help you:

How many kilometers from Da Nang to Ba Na?

Located on the top of Ba Na mountain when traveling Ba Na Hill belongs to Hoa Ninh Commune – Hoa Vang District, about 40km from Da Nang city. If you are in Danang or in other provinces visiting Danang, please pay attention.

How to go from Da Nang to Ba Na?

There are many ways to go from Da Nang to Ba Na, you can refer to some ways.

Private vehicles:

This medium is only suitable for young people who like to travel. Most of the young people in the surrounding areas like Hue or Hoi An will use the motorbike to go directly to Danang. Then calculate the way from to Ba Na.

From the center of Da Nang city to Ba Na can take the following 3 routes:

1. The first one is 37km long through the Ba Na-Suoi Mo route:

From the center of Da Nang city, you go to Duy Tan street to the roundabout. At the roundabout, you take the first way onto Nguyen Van Linh and go to the second roundabout, take the 3rd route onto Nguyen Tri Phuong and go straight to the third roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Dien Bien Phu. From Dien Bien Phu street, you go straight to the fourth roundabout, take the 2nd way onto National Highway 1A and continue to turn left into Ba Na – Suoi Mo / Hoang Van Thai straight to Ba Na tourist area.

2. The second line is 42km long via DT602:

From the center of Danang city, follow the directions of the first route to Nguyen Tri Phuong street. From Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, you go straight to the roundabout, take the first way onto Le Do Street and turn left onto Nguyen Tat Thanh Street. After that, you continue to turn left to Nguyen Luong Bang / QL1A road, move to DT602, go straight to the roundabout, turn left, follow the sign to Ba Na tourist area.

The road passes steeply winding but quite airy, moving smoothly, you do not have to worry about along the way. After coming to Ba Na, you park the car near the cable car station and buy a cable car ticket to Ba Na Hill.

3. The third route is 41km long via NH14B:

From the center of Da Nang city, you follow the direction as the first route to Nguyen Huu Tho roundabout. At the roundabout, you turn right to the August Revolution Road / QL14B and go straight to the bypass of the city. Move 7.5km on the road, avoid turning left to Ba Na – Suoi Mo Street, follow the instruction board to Ba Na tourist area.

If you do not have the means, you can choose some of the options below to go to Ba Na.

Rent a private car:

If you are afraid to drive but still want to be active on the road you choose, you should rent a car including a driver. With only VND 400,000 to VND 450,000, you can rent a car from 4 seats to 16 seats at car rental companies in Danang city such as car rental company Vina Travel, public Vi Travel Company…

You can completely watch the scenery along the road without having to drive.


Currently Vina Travel Online Travel Company is having a lot of Ba Na tours. If you intend to travel, please call 0905 296 869 to book a tour. We promise that my company has the cheapest tour price in the country.

Price list of cars from Da Nang to Ba Na Hill

4 seaters car 400.000 vnđ
7 seaters car 450.000 vnđ
16 seaters car 650.000 vnđ

For 7-seat and 16-seat cars, if booking with 2-way will be an additional discount of 50,000 vnd.

Open bus:

Only with 100,000 VND / person / ticket if you go one way and 150,000 VND / person / ticket if you go round-trip you can easily buy open bus tickets of companies in Da Nang, it only takes more than 70 minutes you will have present at the most famous tourist resort in Vietnam. The most interesting thing when choosing this type of vehicle is that you will have an enthusiastic guide for you to find out all the places to visit in Ba Na resort.


If you have enough financial resources and want to go completely fast, take initiative in your own time, you should take a taxi. In the center of Danang city, there are many taxi companies ready to serve you such as Han River taxi, Tien Sa taxi…

Taxi prices for this route are about VND 450,000 – 620,000 and one way from 600,000-900,000 VND (4-seat car).

After coming to Ba Na, the next job is to enter and queue to buy tickets. If you are from Da Nang will be sold with a relatively cheap girl is 500,000 VND / person. And if you are not from Danang, you will be charged 750,000 VND / person, children under 1m completely free.

Fares are updated at the website: https://banahills.sunworld.vn


Ba Na is one of the most attractive places to visit. Because there are so many beautiful places and new things for visitors, Just like that, 2-3 years ago, Ba Na surprised visitors with an extra beauty on Ba Na Hill.

The recent typical example is the Golden Bridge architecture, which was praised by the press very much, the reason is because it is so beautiful, guys. If you have not read that article, please read the article “Golden Bridge – The Pride of Danang People” to know more.

Wish you have a very interesting and rewarding trip. If you find it interesting, like and share this article. Hopefully this article will help Vĩ answer the question “How many kilometers from Da Nang to Ba Na?

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